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Are You Ready For The World Bus?

Mobility Cubed ("Mobi3") brings together products, partners and services, to address the growing mobility needs in where we live, work and play. Mobi3 has created a zero emissions, cost-superior mass transit solution with the World Bus electric bus. The World Bus is a medium speed (MSEV) electric vehicle that combines a modular design, advanced battery technology and a capital efficient business model to create a complete electric transportation company.

Modular Chassis

The World bus shuttle utilizes a standard space frame, power steering and air suspension design. All other models will be based on an innovative modular chassis adaptable to a wide variety of smaller body designs. This chassis offers innovations in modularity and weight reduction that improve energy efficiency and performance as well as enhanced safety features. Mobi3 Flexibility Video

Low Parts Count

All of Mobi3’s vehicles require less than 400 major parts, compared with over 2,500 parts for a typical gasoline engine vehicle. Various vehicle models use similar battery, drivetrain, suspension, and wheel subassemblies so parts costs per vehicle will be minimized. Mobi3’s modular design reduces overall inventory, simplifies parts and service infrastructure and enables quicker vehicle assembly. Mobi3 Drive Train Video 

Vehicle Kitting

The World Bus parts are built in the USA and shipped as kits to their destinations abroad. This greatly reduces shipping costs and makes the vehicles highly affordable.Mobi3 Fiberglass Mold Video 

Battery System

Mobi3’s vehicles include an onboard charger and are designed to fully charge the battery overnight in approximately 4-6 hours. The battery system is designed such that partial charges will not damage the battery or reduce long term battery performance. Vehicles are battery agnostic and able to adapt to a wide variety of existing and future battery technologies. Mobi3 Battery Video  

Power and Mid-Speed

The World Bus is a mid-speed electric vehicle typically reaching speeds of 35MPH. Yet, the electric motor provides torque and acceleration that surpasses gas engines. Mobi3 Power Video

Aggressive R&D

R&D efforts include development of in-vehicle wireless access to facilitate communication with a central commend center, the power grid and other vehicles. Each World Bus serves as a rolling hotspot that provides improved traffic information and route optimization.  In addition, the World Bus is well suited for entertainment delivery networks exclusive the the vehicle, route or city. Mobi3 Design Video


World Bus Technical Specifications

World Bus Tech Specs_1800px


Built for the World’s Population: Not Your Average Gas Vehicle

Mobility Cubed is focused on helping the world’s population improve the quality of their lives. By building the World Bus to be affordable for broad implementation, Mobi3 is building a mass transit solution for the entire world. This global approach improves marketplace understanding, realizes cost savings and allows the company to elegantly integrate with urban transportation opportunities of all types.

With roughly 400 parts compared to 4000 of a gas bus, the World Bus has the lowest cost of ownership and maintenance in the industry. Mobi3 estimates that users will spend 40% less on a World Bus than for their current diesel powered bus.

World Competition


World Bus1_600px

Advanced and Innovative Vehicle Design

The Mobility Cubed Bus is a 20-seater, fully electric city shuttle that is built for urban mass transit. It has state-of-the-art features that makes it safe and eco-friendly. The World Bus is ideal for densely populated city centers where air quality, noise reduction and pedestrian safety are paramount concerns.

The World Bus perfectly exists in residential neighborhoods and locations where gas-powered vehicles are not acceptable, such as underground or locations with poor ventilation.


The Mobility Cubed Solution

The Mobility Cubed solutions revolve around the ability of their vehicles to supply multiple answers to the issues facing our planet and our way of life; mobility, energy, communication and the environment. Key to the solution is getting enough volume to have the economic scale necessary to take advantage of those benefits, and having partners willing to “go the distance.” With New Urbanism and Smart Growth, we are finding the willing partners in developers and builders, in federal, state and city governments, in industrial campuses, national parks, military bases, airports, colleges and universities. We have proved that electric vehicles are superior to gas vehicles. The world’s cities are intent on not following the lead on urban sprawl and uncontrolled growth, and rather are looking for solutions. I believe that the World Bus is an important part of that solution.

Mike Gerard, Founder


World Bus Mass Transit System

Mobility Cubed creates entire transportation ecosystems from the vehicles, to fleet management, infrastructure development, training and consulting for implementation of synergistic technologies.

World Bus Options

The World Bus is designed for the environment in which it will operate. Windows, doors, air conditioning and heaters are all vehicle options that are highly dependent on our users’ needs. The World Bus is the most easily customizable vehicle on the market.  

World Bus Collections

Our Cashless fare system or TITO (Tap in Tap out) is a system that employs a reloadable contact card that is used as the main payment mode for the World Bus. The end-users just need to reload their cards at authorized load centers/agents and they can tap in when they enter the World Bus and tap out when they exit so their fare can be deducted accordingly.

World Bus Advertising

Mobi3 vehicles, including The World Bus, are all wifi hotspots.  This empowers our vehicles to provide media delivery via display monitors installed on every World Bus and via mobile devices.  Mobi3 allows for superior branding opportunities in addition to its unique content networks tailored to the environment.

World Bus Fleet Management

Our Centralized Fleet Management system is controlled by the Mobi3 Command Center which is manned by trained agents. They are in charge of tracking vehicle performance, deploying the vehicles to where they are needed and communicating with the drivers for standard safety and operational procedures.

World Bus Route Planning

Mobi3 studies routes carefully to ensure that we service areas that are strategic and beneficial to a broader rider base. Therefore, our routes connect key destination areas such as malls, offices and schools, and other modes of transport such as trains and last mile vehicles. Also, integral to Route Planning is studying areas for proper terminals and stops. Designated infrastructure is necessary to put order in the streets and provide safety and convenience for the passengers. At areas where there are no existing infrastructure, Mobi3 will invest in creating proper stops.

World Bus Maintenance

We consider support as important as our product development.The Mobi3 Driver Management and Training program ensures that we employ only qualified drivers for our vehicles. They undergo a stringent qualification process and are trained in values and technical skills.

Let Us Electrify Your Mass Transit

Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. Please contact us to learn about our partnership, licensing and sales options. Mobility Cubed is excited to hear about your needs and desires. Our mission is to make your world better while providing the most competitive economic advantages in the industry.